Why are we here?

One day. My partner Mr. Kaede and I talking about why he start his tea farming career.

“I hated tea when I was a child,” he said “maybe you will be wondering, but that was real, Ping Jui.”

What happened with you and tea?

Appling my question, Kaede said, “My Taiwanese grandma was a tea farmer, and I always get sick when I visited her.”

“I hated tea farm. And when I grow up, I learned about how Taiwanese plant tea,” he said

“And I become hating Taiwanese Tea industry, they spray too much pesticide.”

After that, Kaede introduce Japanese tourist to buy pineapple cake, mullet roe, but Taiwanese tea.

He explained and share how he think. He earn some supply, and he invest in immediately.

“I want to build up a no pesticide tea industry, from a personal tea farm.” Mr. Kaede said.

“Then, I sell your product and find out your like-minded to help your career.” I said.

And that is why we are here.