A personal idea of ​​a tea lover who started to promote tea

The first time I bought tea by myself was when I traveled to Japan during the summer vacation seventeen years ago.

At that time, I had been drinking tea for a while, Taiwanese tea from relatives or family friends.
Not without contact with, but the first time I stepped into the tea shop, I hesitated for a long time.

There were not many tourists going to Japan, and the charm of Japanese tea was not known to foreigners. Of course, there was no such convenient translation explanation as it is now.

Everything is done traditionally.
Fortunately, the owner is very kind and feels fresh when he sees a foreign child buying tea.

The owner took out the tea, pointed it up, gave it a thumbs-up, and made a drinking gesture, guiding me to try it.

That afternoon, I drank all kinds of tea in that store.

Since then, I have also started my journey to find tea all over Japan.

But looking back, the tea is going to be tried.

No matter what the copywriting on the Internet says, how many gorgeous photos and videos have been taken.

How many people’s experience sharing, or famous comment and so on.

That is not own, after all. Others’ tongues are not mine, and other people’s good tea is not necessarily my good tea.

There are objective criteria for the quality of tea, such as whether there are impurities, whether the color of the tea is even, whether pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical substances are used in the planting process, and so on.

Whether it is good or not, like it or not, you only know if you drink it.