How much tea should I use?

Wondering about tea dosage?
Not sure about how much tea should brew with?
Following the suggestion, but why is the taste so light?
Don’t worry. About tea usage, here are some tips to help you.

1.Check with suggestion
2.Dosage Proportion

Check with the suggestion

What did the tea master say?4grams to 150ml at 90 degrees C and steep for 60sec.?Or 2 grams to 450mls at 95 degrees C and steep for 60sec.?
No matter what kind of tea that the tea master suggests, they usually give you the way that can bring out the best part of tea.

If your tongue reply to you that is too light, there are three possibilities:
1. The performance limit of this tea is here.
2. You prefer strong tea.
3. The difference between soft and hard water cause it.

In 1 and 2, I suggest that try the tea in the shop next time. No matter what others say, only if you try it yourself can you know if tea is right for you.
And I have 2 articles to help you with this.
If you met with 3, I suggest you to see this article I wrote before to check out how to solve it. Or you can just add more tea dosage to solve it.

Dosage proportion

When it comes whole leave loose tea, the ideal dosage proportion is 75 times.
It means 6 grams tea brew with 450ml water, 75 times dilution. Or you can use 150ml water with 2 grams of tea.
The tea that can’t reach this level must be concerned about the quality. Also, it’s hard to find a tea that can’t reach this level but can be repeated, brewing many times.

After using this standard to check tea quality, you can brew your tea as you like.
The most important thing is tea quality. A good tea will dramatically change your perception of tea.
Good luck, and have a good tea.