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Tea-making process-fermentation

Fermentation is an essential part of the tea-making process. The six major teas seperate teas [...]

Should I buy tea or tea sets with historical origins or allusions?

The answer is no, but before going into the details, I want to share my [...]

Why it cause me discomfort by drinking tea?

Somebody realized that they feel discomfort by drinking tea, usually happened after a long period [...]

How much tea should I use?

Wondering about tea dosage? Not sure about how much tea should brew with? Following the [...]

What is hard water and soft water

What are hard water and soft water? As an important element with tea brewing, let [...]

How to find the best tea(2)

Following the first part, let’s continue our tea-finding trip. We already use our eyes and [...]

Why are British loose leaf teas so heavily ground/crushed?

Here is a question from a guy on Reddit r/tea. I think it’s interesting, so [...]

Hot brew and Cold brew

What is the difference between hot brew and cold brew? One is hot, and the [...]

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