Thank you for assisting us in the hard water brewing test.

The following sections is our brewing suggestions.
Of course, you can also brew in the way you’re used to.
The keypoint of our tea is withstanding multiple brewing.
The taste is very mild, smooth and long lasting.
If you like our tea after testing, we’re welcome to see the picture with #MindlakeTea on any social media.
If you need brewing suggestion with video, I will update in the near future.

Thank you, and have a good tea.

Brew with tea pot:
1.Put 2gram tea in the pot.
2.brew in 450ml hot water
(95 degree C or 312 degree F).
3.Wait for 90 sec.
4.Brew out and Enjoy.

Brew with Gaiwan:
1.Put tea in Ren and cover the bottom.
2.brew in hot water to the 9 point of 10.
3.Cover Ren with Tian.
4.Wait for 30 sec.
5.Brew out and Enjoy.

Brew with Kong-fu tea set:
1.Put tea into tea pot.
2.brew in hot water.
3.wait for 60sec.
4.brew out to tea sea.
5.Pour into teacup and Enjoy.